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Welcome to VA-164.org
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I you are a past member of Attack Squadron 164 and you have not done so yet..... Please hit the registration button at the top of the screen and register. Becoming a member is FREE and has it's benefits.

A big THANK YOU to Pete Caldwell for his large donation to the site.

If you would like to help with the cost of keeping VA-164 on line. Send your donation large or small to:

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Our Mission

In the following pages we bring to you a review of Attack Squadron 164. The planes, the ships, the men, the victory, and the sorrow. But most of all our memories. Our aim is to preserve the history of this gallant US Navel Squadron.

You don't have to pay to be a member. You just have to be a Ghost Rider. All donations are welcome. 100% of the funds goes to research, site fees, software and domain coasts. ATTENTION Please do not send beer money I quit drinking over 25 years ago. We do not accept commercial advertising of any kind. This site is supported solely by it's members.

If you're not a Ghost Rider, we Welcome you to our home. As we open the door to what it was like being a Ghost Rider. We hear grand children saying "What's a Ghost Rider Grandpa?".

For the Anti-War Site Defacers

Please go take your passive aggressive behavior some place else. This Squadron was disbanded in 1975. We are a bunch of old men in rocking chairs with jettison rockets on the back. Sitting around with our laptops waiting for Ann Margaret to bring in the USO tour. We mean no one any harm and we make good backups.

This Site

Now carries over 250 MB of information.
Over 2,000 Pictures
Over 2,000 Files
Over 5,357 Hyperlinks

and a Partridge in a Pair Tree.

and weighs less than 1 ounce.


Master Directories are at the top of the page.
Sub Directories are on the left side of the page.
Almost every master has lots of subs so don't miss anything. Most pictures you can click on for a full size view.

If you want to steal the graphics and pictures.... Go ahead I stole most of them myself anyway. Maybe your grand kids would like a life size picture of Lady Jessie (the person not the aircraft).

Contact Information

Your Webmaster is Joe Stasikonis 1965-1968 AKA "Wonder Duck". Enjoy yourself, If your a Ghost Rider WELCOME HOME.

Electronic mail
General Information: ghostrider@VA-164.org
Webmaster: webmaster@VA-164.org

Snail Mail
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